Layer settings


In this tab you can set the properties of DXF/DWG layers: layer names, layer visibility, colors, line types and line weights.


The last 7 layers are used for AutoDXF functionality: Texts, Bend Info, Threads, Threads Points, Small Holes, Small Holes Points and Bend Marks. For those layers you can change the name, the color and set visibility.

Enter layer name - you can enter the name of the layer

Object – used as a reference name for layers, not editable. Stays the same even if you change the layer name.

On/Off – enables or disables the layer

Color – specify layer color

Line type – select layer line type from dropdown

Line weight– select line weight from dropdown 

Export Mark Feature Layers – available for Inventor 2023. If selected all the layers used by Mark Features will be exported. Those layers’ settings (Name, Color, Line type and Line weight) are controlled using the Style Manager (Manage/ Style Manager/ Mark) in the individual sheet metal parts:


Set DXF objects colors directly - option to set objects' colors directly on the objects and not byLayer to make DXF files compatible with some laser or plasma cutter software

Load last used configuration on next startup – check this option to load current layer settings on next start-up of the program

Save configuration… - Save the current configuration to a file

Load configuration… - Load configuration from a file

Default settings – Sets all layer settings to default

LTscale – set LTSCALE variable (valid only for DXF export) to define visual scaling of non-continuous lines. For example - if the spacing of dashed lines is too small increase this value to around 50.