Export sheet metal list to Microsoft Word*


Click the command image to export the list of selected sheet metal parts including thumbnails as a table to Microsoft Word*.


*Microsoft Word must be installed on the computer for this functionality to work.

Word Settings

Clicking the image button opens the Word Settings dialog. You can specify which properties to export to Word and define their order. You can also change the display name of the properties (columns).



Page orientation

Portrait or landscape can be selected

Paper size

A4 or Letter format can be selected

Table header on each page

Select if you want to include table header on each page of the document

Image scaling

Scale the images of models and flat patterns


Reset property names and order to default settings


Changing property names

Click the row and then click on the property name again to change its name. This way you can change Word table column names:



Changing the order of columns

Only selected properties are exported to Word. You can also change the order of the properties displayed in the Word table. Use drag and drop to set the order of the properties. The following image shows how to move the Part Number property to a different location:



Click OK button to save the settings and create Word document. The message appears after the document creation is finished:


Switch to Microsoft Word (click on Word icon in Windows Taskbar), format the table if necessary and save the Word document: