Manage use of Autodesk network licenses

Optimize the use of your purchased Autodesk network licenses. Check current usage of licenses, quickly discover borrowed licenses and even analyse usage of Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional licenses.

Lic-report - take control over Autodesk flexlm network license usage, network license usage statistics


To make good use of purchased Autodesk network licenses we developed Lic-report. Application periodically scans selected servers and prepares reports in HTML format. Reports contain information of enabled licenses, issued or reserved licenses, licenses in use, which user is using what product license, etc. Vault user list report is supported for Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional (versions 2014-2018).

Program can be installed and configured by system administrators to share license usage reports on company intranet so individual CAD users or managers can check license usage but can also be installed locally by end user for local monitoring of selected network servers' license usage.

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Free (lite) version

There is no activation required for using free version of Lic-report. Free version is free and is limited by listing only 3 instances of found servers, users etc.

Full version (199€ +vat)

Licensed version is without restrictions. This version requires activation.

You can download the full version below. Before using it you'll have to purchase the license. Time limited demo version is also available.

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